3 Ways To Wear: Checked Shirt

For me, a checked shirt is a wardrobe essential. In my opinion, they can be dressed both up and down, and by adding simple accessories can be made to look formal. Often when I’m going to an event which does not have a specific dress code, I’ll carry a checked shirt in my bag so I can throw it on to tone down my outfit. Here are my three looks using a simple checked shirt. The red/green/blue checked shirt I’m wearing in all the looks is from TK Maxx, and was around £15.

Everyday Look

I like this look because it is casual yet looks like you made an effort (a recurring theme in my outfits). I paired shirt with a pair of black skinny jeans from Dorothy Perkins, as well as a pair of black platform ankle-boots (also from TK Maxx, costing £20). I added a Topshop necklace which I purchased in the sale for £5 (a bargain, as far as Topshop goes). I think that this look is a complete classic, and is definitely one of my go-to outfits.

Super Casual Look

This second outfit incorporates the same checked shirt and jeans from the previous outfits, but on my feet, I am wearing a pair of plain black Converse trainers, and I also unbuttoned the shirt and wore a red basic T-shirt from H&M underneath. I think this is a good way to tone down the smartness of the shirt, and it creates a more chilled-out and casual look, which I like.

Dressy Look

My third and final outfit is a slightly dressier way of wearing this shirt: I’m wearing it with a blue dress from Primark for £5, which I think is a steal as this dress is very flattering and for me, holds the right balance between being dressy, yet also somewhat casual. I also paired it with my black New Look loafers with gold detailing on them (because I love them) and of course, tights, because I live in England. To make this look more formal I would wear a necklace and some more accessories and also pair it with a nice bag.

So, in conclusion, this is why I think checked shirts are a complete wardrobe essential and those are the three ways that I would wear one. I hope very much that you liked them and that this was useful.

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  1. wow I love the flannel I got once last week in new look and I am upsessed this one is similar. I love your blog so much you ave such beautiful hair

    1. I wear my shirt literally everywhere as well! Thank you so much, that's really lovely (although it's a nightmare to brush) <3

  2. so cute! especially love it over the dress

    danielle | avec danielle

    1. Oh, thank you so much! I think it's probably my favourite look as well! <3



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