OOTD #1: Feeling Casual

We decided that a good old OOTD would be a nice way to start this blog off. These are both fairly casual looks, that could be dressed up if needed. It's (apparently) summer here in the UK, but it was pretty freezing, hence the appearance of coats and cardigans in this post.

It was a beautiful evening when we went to take photos: we ended up on a gorgeous buttercup-filled hill and got some beautiful shots. Without further ado, let us commence. We hope very that much that you enjoy.

Eliza's Outfit
Jade's Outfit
This is literally my go to outfit. Seriously. Whenever I’m in a rush or have literally no idea what to wear, this is the outfit I’ll put on. Sometimes, I’ll rotate through my endless collection of stripy tops, but this outfit is an absolute lifesaver.  Today, I went out for breakfast with my friend (revision avoidance for the win) and so, decided that I wanted to look semi-smart, but as usual, I was massively late, so I decided to wear this. I love this outfit, because I think it is a really good middle-ground between dressy and casual.

The first piece of clothing I’m wearing is a navy blue, chiffon, pleated wrap-around skirt which I got for a tenner in the Urban Outfitters sale, from the Cooperative range. Complete bargain. This is such a versatile skirt that is so easy to dress up or down depending on what circumstances demand: I’ve worn it on nights out and even for a University interview. I also love the fact that its chiffon, which means that it’s super comfortable and takes away the schoolgirl vibe that many pleated skirts carry. Unfortunately, I find it quite difficult to wear this skirt with summery items, which means it will probably soon be retired for the summer season. Pray for me.

I decided to pair it with a black and white striped H&M top (£12, I think), which is cropped and quite tight. I have already raved about stripes about twenty times, but I don’t care. They deserve all the praise in the world. I often wear a really slouchy striped top with this, but I think the tighter top makes it look slightly less casual.

In the first few photos, I am also wearing another H&M piece: a long green cardigan, which I got quite recently for £7.99. I also have this in black because it’s one of the best buys I’ve made in a long time. It’s very loose-knitted and thin, so it’s perfect for the time of year when it’s not quite cold but not very warm either (i.e. the entirety of the English summer). This is another item that I’ve literally worn everywhere: with jeans, dresses and even the black version as part of my Sixth Form uniform. I would definitely recommend everyone to invest in something like this – a plain, basic cardigan is a complete wardrobe staple.
The shoes I am wearing are probably my best buy of this year so far. I’ve had so many compliments on them and so many people asking me where they’re from. The best thing of all is when I get to tell them that they’re from Primark, and were only £15. That’s right. Primark. Seriously. I nearly bought a pair identical to these from Topshop during winter for about £40 and I am so glad I didn’t. They’re very sturdy and really good quality (I’ve pretty much worn them every day for the past four months and they are still in perfect condition), but also pretty chunky. Wearing more delicate items with chunkier boots is a look I love.

In a couple of the later photos, I am also wearing a navy blue coat (it might be June next week, but it still feels like February in England. Exhibit A: it hail-stoned this afternoon). This was another bargain buy, which I got for £30 in Zara.

Jewellery-wise, I’m wearing the sailboat necklace that Jade got me for my eighteenth birthday, which I’m completely obsessed with and a selection of rings. The turquoise studded one on my left hand is another eighteenth birthday present from my parents. The one on my little finger is a Topshop midi ring and the other two on my right hand are from a multipack I got from Forever 21. I’m also wearing ‘Bordeaux’ by Essie on my nails and I apologise sincerely for the chipped parts.  I’m also sorry for the red/purple tones of my hands – at this point, we’d been outside for quite a while and I was freezing


Today, I went into town to run some errands, so of course I wanted a comfortable outfit which I could
walk in. I decided to wear this because I think that the sweatshirt and skirt combination are quite casual, but also make it look like I’ve put some effort in (which is always important). Personally I’m a big fan of combining dark grey and tartan, as I think the colours complement each other, plus the grey tones down the patternedness (if that’s even a word) of the tartan, which is good for those of us who are not as confident of wearing patterns.

Okay, so I'm wearing a grey sweatshirt from H&M which was £12, a tartan skirt from New Look which was around £20 and a blue velvet coat which I found in a charity shop (so it’s practically vintage) in Lincoln. On my feet I’m wearing a pair of black loafers with gold metal detailing also from New Look, which were £20.

Please allow me to rave on about this coat for a while, because I’m totally IN LOVE with it. It’s dark blue and velvet and comes down to my lower thigh. It’s the perfect length for us smaller ladies (I’m 5’2 ½” and proud), as I think it makes my legs appear longer and elongates my torso. It’s very versatile and I wear this all the time, with both causal outfits and more fancy outfits. For example, you can totally dress it down with a pair of black skinny jeans and ankle boots paired with a jumper or a T-Shirt, or you can dress it up with a floral dress and tights. I just LOVE IT.  

I found it in charity shop and I knew I just had to have it. In charity shops (or thrift shops) I always recommend looking at coats, because often you can find great styles (as old fashioned is always fashionable) for reasonable prices. Plus then you can feel good about giving to charity and also have a fab ‘vintage’ coat! Once I found a leather jacket for £2 and long grey coat for £10! This coat was a little bit pricier for a charity shop, at £25 but for staple items I think is worth it.

To make the look smarter, I could switch the grey sweatshirt for a shirt, perhaps a black sleeveless number for a classier look. But yeah, that’s my outfit of the day! 


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