OOTD #2: Berwick

 Sorry for the slight gap in posts, Eliza was finishing her A-Level exams and Jade was just going back to Sixth Form, so we had a rather hectic couple of weeks.

Over the weekend, we went to Berwick Upon Tweed for a massive family get together and we thought that it would be a perfect place to take pictures of an OOTD – it was so pretty! We’re going to write another post about the things we did there and where we stayed but, in the meantime, here is what we wore.

We spent the day travelling there, exploring the city and it was a fairly warm day, but not completely sunny, meaning we needed something that was summery, but still provided some cover-up.


The top I’m wearing is one of my favourite finds of late. It’s an ASOS number (£20) and it’s completely perfect for the summer. I am a massive fan of peasant style tops and I love the lattice detailing on this, as it really adds an extra something. This top is going to be perfect for summer (if it ever arrives) just because it’s completely versatile.

Next we have my shorts, which I am in love with. I bought them from TK Maxx for a tenner, but they’re by a brand called ‘Patrons of Peace’ and I have barely taken them off since. They’re really comfortable, to begin with, and I love the pattern. I always think that this style of cloth, high-waisted shorts are a summer essential just because of how lightweight they are. The pattern as well is so gorgeous – such a bright and summery item.

I always think that the whole ‘plain white top and colourful patterned bottom half’ is an absolute classic look, which tends to form the backbone of my summer wardrobe. I would obviously be more likely to wear this without the tights but alas, England is not quite so permitting at this time of year. I also paired this with a plain black cardigan from H&M (£8) and my boots are from Primark (15).


My outfit whilst travelling down and spending the day in Berwick was very casual and comfortable (again, what a surprise). I’m wearing a pair of black jeggings from Dorothy Perkins (£20) which are super-comfortable and affordable, a navy blue T-shirt with lace sleeve detailing from TK Maxx (I think this was around £10). Over this I wore a short-sleeved thin black kimono with lace detailing down the front, which is my absolute favourite at the minute (TK Maxx, £15) and my trusty loafers from New Look (£20).

I like this outfit very much because I think it’s casual yet chic, and I find it’s perfect for summer in England as the kimono is very breathable and not as heavy as a regular jacket. Plus, you can dress it up and down, as I wore it with a dress for a party and also with outfits like these.

For my accessories, I wore this shell necklace, which I got a few years ago from Accessorise and I always get compliments when I wear it. I like it because it adds a unique accessory to the outfit and makes it look like you actually tried (which is a bonus). I also wore this anklet, which I bought at a music festival 3 years ago. I love wearing anklets with loafers as they are more visible and liven up a dark outfit like this! This anklet is super cute because of the different coloured bells and the pretty beads (this makes me sound like a five-year old doesn’t it).

We'll post back here soon with a more general Berwick-orientated post but, in the meantime, hope this was enjoyable.

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