...Aaaand, we're back

Long time, no speak.

No seriously, long time. As you may or may not have noticed, there has been pretty much zero activity on this blog for nearly a year. The reasons for this are varied, yet the main ones have been to do with how hectic our lives have become. Jade is in her last year of A Levels and has been inundated with work, whilst Eliza started university and so has been rather preoccupied.

Despite this absence, Eliza is now home for the summer and Jade is nearly done with her exams and so, we have plenty of time on our hands and we thought it was prime time to start this whole thing up again.

So we're back, and this time for good.

See you soon, with some actual content next time. Ta for your patience, and we hope not to disappoint you, reader.

Until next time...

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